Thursday, April 24, 2014

Comelec Warns Intense Traffic as Campaign Period Begins Tomorrow

The Commission of Elections (Comelec) has appealed to the public that they should fill their patience jar up to brim as traffic and chaos is expected to occur on the first day of the campaign period for Senkyo 2014.

"Well, its not something new but we would like to remind everybody once again of what is the usual practice during elections." Ace, the commissioner of Comelec has announced in a phone interview as requested for the details of tomorrow's activity. "Teiko is usually a pacifist country until elections occur and we all know the reason for that, so I just want to public to bear the chaos for the moment." He added.

Tomorrow will be start of the campaign period and it is expected that the four major political parties of Teiko will simultaneously do their on-stage performance and introduction in Kirisaki Daichi and Kamizaki. Comelec has warned that main roads including Makoto Avenue, AGC Parkway, Chuo Boulevard and Niji Road will all be virtually impassable by tomorrow afternoon.

"Let's just deal with it. A little sacrifice for the betterment of the election is something every Teikonian should do and I hope everybody participates." Ace mentioned in his last few words.

Ace, Commissioner for the Commission on Election 


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