Friday, April 18, 2014

Ministry of Budget and Finance

The Ministry of Budget and Finance also referred to as MBF is a cabinet ministry in the Government of Teiko. It is considered to be one of the vital economic related ministries in the government. The ministry's responsibility includes regulation over public finance, taxation, the treasury, government properties, government monopolies and government owned corporations. The ministry also has the power to provide loans to other ministries, agencies and institutions. 


Ministry of Budget and Finance was created by virtue of the 1910 Teiko constitution. It is one of the oldest ministries in Teiko and belongs to the few core original ministries. The ministry was broken into two fractions, Budget and Finance in 1956 but was restructured as one during the great depression of 1973 with more focused portfolio. The current ministry operates under the virtue of the 2013 Teiko constitution. 

Commission on Audit
Budget and Operations Office
Fiscal Year Report Intelligence Office

Teiko National Bank 
National Treasury Office 

10.0 Million Zen ($1.20 Billion) 


MBF Center, Downtown, Beika City, Beika Region, Teiko

Imayoshi Shouchi