Friday, April 18, 2014

Ministry of Social Welfare and Development

The Ministry of Social Welfare and Development is also referred as MSWD is part of the executive cabinet of the Teiko Government responsible in promoting social development and is responsible for protection of social welfare rights of Teikonians. It is also tasked to coordinate and regulate all institutions that engaged in social services. MSWD has the second largest budget among all other ministries. 


The MSWD was created on the same year as the Ministry of Budget and Finance was restructured in 1973. The creation of the new ministry was due to the growing concerns regarding poverty and social dilemmas. Health and education was offices under the MSWD until they were created into a new ministry in 1992. 


Social Welfare Office
Human Rights Commission
Office of the Teiko Settlement and Needs
Teiko Protection Agency


4.92 Billion Zen ($586 Billion)


Not yet specified 


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