Friday, April 18, 2014

Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Justice also called as MoJ is a cabinet ministry of the Teiko Government that primarily deals with the regulations and imposition of the criminal justice system and code in the Independent Principality of the Commonwealth of Teiko Metropolitan Area Region. It also has the capacity to aid the Teiko National Police in the maintenance and regulation of prisons and has the power to run the government's drug and narcotic control policies.

The Ministry of Justice was created under the 1910 Teiko constitution, making it one of the core ministries of the government. Since then, the ministry has undergone several transitions among these includes the separation of the Teiko National Police from the MoJ, the reassessment of the Office of the Ombudsmen as part of the MIDG and the addition of the Psycho-Pass Development Research Institute (PDRI). The PDRI is responsible for creating methods of detecting future crime and anomalies. 


Teiko Bureau of Investigation 
Psycho-Pass Development Research Institute 
Department of Legal Execution
Department of Special Investigation
Dangerous Drugs and Narcotic Board
Department of Corrections


16.3 Million Zen ($1.94 Billion)


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Light Yagami