Friday, April 18, 2014

Eri Kisaki

Associate Justice of the Teiko Supreme Court 

Full name: Eri Kisaki 
Age: 39
Residence: Southfields Residences, Kamata South 
Citizenship: Teikonian 
Marital Status: Widow 
Children: 1 daughter 
Education: Law, University of Kamata South   

Short background:

Eri Kisaki (interchangeable with Eri Kirisaki) is the first female associate justice of the Teiko Supreme Court. Prior to her accession, she was the corporate layer of Anazuma Properties for 3 years and Metropolitan Properties for 5 years. She is deemed to be an expert when it comes to business and land laws and regulations. She is now a widower following her husband's death due to heart attack. Currently, she lives alone in Kamata South while her daughter is studying in Kogomo North. 

Reference: National Archives