Friday, April 18, 2014

Ministry of Interior and District Government

The Ministry of Interior and District Government which is commonly referred to as MIDG is the executive ministry of the Teiko Government responsible for promoting peace and order, ensuring public safety and strengthening local government capacity aimed towards the effective delivery of basic services to the citizenry. It has responsibilities over local administration which includes the power to oversee local and district government transactions, override district court and council decisions and appoint district ministers. MIDG is also considered to be the most important and powerful ministry among others and is nicknamed as the second legislative body. 

The Ministry of Interior and District Government was created under the Premier Levi's Administration in 1968 to ensure stability within the district administrations. The Teiko National Police was under the MIDG until 1996 when it was restructured and placed under the Ministry of Defense. Ensuing complains against the vast powers of the MIDG remains at large as MIDG is considered to have violated constitutional powers. This was resolved within the recent 2013 Teiko constitution which clearly stipulates the ministry's role and power. 


Department of Local and District Government Supervision
Office of Public Affairs
Local Administration Regulation Office
Office of the Ombudsman 

1.99 Billion Zen ($237 Billion)


GT Tower, Akaniji Road, Akashi Global City,
Teiko Metropolitan Area, Teiko Region, Teiko


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