Friday, April 18, 2014

Namikawa Reiji

Minister for Trade and Industry 

Full name: Namikawa Reiji 
Age: 45
Residence: Paloma Condominium, Kirisaki Daichi 
Citizenship: Teikonian
Marital Status: Married, Namikawa Hoshi 
Children: 1 son and 1 daughter 
Education:  Financial Management, University of Kaijo 

Short background:

Namikawa Reiji belongs to the older generation of Teiko officials. He has been working under the Ministry of Trade and Industry for 25 years even serving as the last chairman of the Regional Economic Planning and Development in 1996 for 6 years. He also served 10 years in the Bureau of Customs prior to his accession as minister of trade and industry in 2006. Among his famous projects includes the Connect and Do Business in Teiko Metropolitan Area which attracted major industry players such as Nestle, Toyota and Microsoft to construct factories in Teiko. He is also the man who proposed the current Teiko Special Economic Zone in Hayama Island, Kirisaki Daichi. 

Reference: National Archives