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The Crossroads of Diverse Culture

Explore the diverse culture of Teiko engraved in the hearts and minds of Teikonians. Enjoy the traditions and customs in the most appealing way.

Light of the Orient

Discover the golden heritage of Teiko. Visit the parks and temples, be inpired by the rural communities and discover yourself more as you indulge in the Teikonian journey.

Gateway of Nature's Beauty

Explore and unravel Teiko's unique and abundant flora and fauna. Wander through the beautiful natural settings Teiko can offer and conquer your fears.

The Center of Entertainment

Discover a different night life in Teiko and explore its social milliue. Learn more about Teiko's flamboyant culture and see its glamourous sophistication.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Tales of Enzai: Chapter 1 - Chapter Title

This is a test post again.

Story coming soon, very soon. :P

Tales of Enzai

Story summary soon. 

This is a test post.

Chapter 1 is here. 

Again, this is a test post.