Friday, April 18, 2014

Ministry of Regional Economic Planning and Development

The Ministry of Regional Economic Planning and Development which is known as MiREPlaD is the governing body of the Teiko Government that regulates special economic zones and other area tax incentives. Mireplad is also responsible for creation of special economic zones and development of thereof. It is has the task of zoning and region wide land usage. It is also the newest ministry in the rooster. 

The Ministry of Regional Economic Planning and Development was a sub-office of the Ministry of Trade and Industry until 1996 when it was made as a fully-recognized autonomous ministry. The creation of Mireplad was due to the high influx and need for special zones which can cater international players and draw big investors. Today, Mireplad functions as co-arm of the MTI in promoting Teiko's business portfolio. 

Regional Development Office
Regional Economic Research Institute 
Policy and Planning Office

21.3 Million Zen ($2.54 Billion) 

Not yet specified. 

Midorima Shintaro