Thursday, April 24, 2014

Application for Nation Interaction Program Now Open

As part of the vision to take part in international relations, the Ministry of Internal and External Communications (MICE) has launched Nation Interaction Program (NIP).  NIP is aimed to establish strong connections between cities/countries with Teiko. 

With NIP, other countries can freely interact now with us whether it is in trade, political, diplomatic or cultural. To learn more about this, we recommend a visit to NIP's official page here.

"I believe it is time for Teiko to open its doors to other countries out there." Kise Ryouta, Minister for Internal and External Communications announced during his speech at the debut event for the launching of NIP. "With this, they have more options when in Teiko, even constructing a business would not even be a problem as long." He added as he explained the nature of the program.

Interested applicants can directly apply here

Office of the Ministry of Internal and External Communications
Akashi Global City, Kamizaki, Teiko Prefecture, Teiko


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