About the Author

jmsepe has always been fascinated with the idea of construction. Growing up, he used to play with lego and build towering and massive structures. His mother even once noted that in a supermarket, he would always stack cans of sardines together as if they were building blocks of a supertall. Utilizing the current resources, he would play with cars creating highways from books, seaports from encyclopedias and use toothpaste boxes as cargoes. Although a decade after, the legos and the unorthodox gameplay might have bid goodbye but his passion for change and creation remained.

Born in July 20, 1995 in Valenzuela City, Philippines, he is now a second year university student at Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan in Cagayan de Oro City taking up a degree in BS Mathematics and the university's ambassador to the nationwide organization called Buklod Atenista as well as the Central Student Government's legislative secretary. 

At a very young age, jmsepe has already been known to several life problems. Coming from a broken family up to the second and third consanguinity, he had already experienced several upheavals that would have overwhelmed a lot of people. Since the 2004, he lived in Cagayan de Oro City together with his single mother, three other siblings and grandmother living from different abode to another almost every three years due to financial problems. 

Graduated with honors from City Central School in 2009 as well as several national and local awards for his participation is science congresses, journalism and science and math quizzes, jmsepe pursued his high school in Philippine Science High School - Central Mindanao Campus where in he was elected as the Supreme Council of Scholar's president in his fourth year, the highest governing student body in the campus.

His admiration for city building nevertheless did not die out as years passed by, he discovered SimCity 4 while in Grade 4 in 2007 and started playing the game until today. He had also played SimCity Societies and Sims series.  He also plays several strategy games and role-playing games. Currently, he has an active city journal in Simtropolis and SC4Devotions entitled "Teiko". 

His continuous passion for constructing ideas and making them a reality continued to flourish in the recent years. In 2013, he finished his first collection of written short stories entitled "When Two Reds Becomes One" and currently is an active writer at fanfiction.net. He is also an active member of several online forums and was a former member of his high school's debate, journalism and writing club. He also maintains a blog for his opinions called "Art of Reasoning" but is currently being revamped as of the moment. 

Enchanted by anime and manga, jmsepe is also a pseudo-otaku by nature. Watching anime is one of his favorite past times and never a day is complete without doing so. He is also recently a fan of Japanese and Korean music. He currently have a semi-active blog at tumblr and is a very big admirer of Koike Teppei and SHINee.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What makes you decide to go through the rigmarole of making this website?
Passion. I admit, it really took time to create a good website/blog and this is actually the third attempt but nevertheless, it was the passion for SimCity 4 and anime/manga that really pushed me to complete this.

2. What is this all about?
Honestly, I freely want to express my ideals in this city journal through stories reflecting everyday lives and circumstances. Here are clear depictions of society and its cancer but well of course written with anime characters as inspiration. As solipsistic as I sound, I believe that my ideas if not the one, is one of the solutions that this world needs. Hahaha.