Saturday, April 19, 2014

Commission on Elections

The Commission on Elections which is commonly called as Comelec is one of the constitutional commission provided by the national constitution. It's main role is to enforce all laws and regulations relative to the conduct of elections, initiatives, referendums and recall elections. 

The Commission on Elections was created in 1965 after the first democratic election produced many anomalies. Prior to the establishment of the Comelec, elections were handled by the Central-466 election committee. Since then Comelec has been the official government office that regulates all elections in the country whether national, prefectural, district and local. 

- Conducts Elections as specified in the Teiko Constitution of 2013
- Regulates parties during the campaign and election period
- Proclaim winners of the elections
- Ensure that the standard operating procedures are followed


4,392 Simoleons 

Not yet specified.