Tuesday, July 15, 2014

MoD Strengthens Conscription in Teiko

Tetsuya Special Administrative District - After the passage of the CB #2013-415-512 which is also known as the "An Act to Amend the Current Teiko Conscription Policies" two weeks ago, the Ministry of Defense (MoD) announced earlier today that they will now implement the new policies regarding the stricter conscription for male Teikonians. 

Among the new policies includes the change from conscription age bracket from all male Teikonians from 18-45 to 21-40 which will be effective immediately. This new change will give time to those aging men to avoid the heavy tasks during the military training as well as provide a short period of adjustment for those newly graduated students. 

Another addendum to the present system is the increase of the timespan of military training from 1 and half years to 2 years. However, trainees will still be receiving the same amount of salary which is half of the minimum wage. The addition of another six months will induce trainings regarding use of the newest technological weapons such as combat bots, drones and etc.

Lastly, another major change is the force conscription of neutralized Teikonians. This means that all men wanting to live in Teiko and get an Honorary Teikonian Citizen status must be willing to submit themselves to the military training. They will also undergo the same training with the other Teikonians. However, neutralized citizens currently living in the country are no longer required to do such and the policy is only applicable to those who are still applying and those who have applied but has not been approved as of today. 

With this new policies, the MoD expects to triple or quadruple the number of reserved troops in the next five to ten years. Brought about by continuous chaos both in the international and national arena, MoD plans to upgrade the country's military services better. "It is better to be safe and endure the sacrifices than to be sorry for doing nothing." Kwell Soresi, Commanding General of the Teiko National Army, the branch of the Armed Forces of Teiko which facilitates one of the programs of the conscription. The program is also handled by the other branches which are Teiko National Air Force, Teiko National Navy and Teiko National Marine Corps. 

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