Friday, April 18, 2014

Quillsh Wammy

Minister for Social Welfare and Development 

Full name: Quillsh Wammy  
Age: 42
Residence: Wammy House, Kamata North 
Citizenship: Teikonian
Marital Status: Single 
Children: None 
Education: Psychology, Kogomo North  Central University 

Short background:

Quillsh Wammy is Teko's most beloved philanthropist. Aside from working as minister for social welfare and development, he also works as chairman of Wammy Foundation, the largest charity organization in Teiko. He is also engaged in adoption of orphans and is evident in his latest project which is to alleviate Teiko of it's street children. He is also recognized as L's official guardian and concurrently lives with him in Wammy House, Wammy foundation's flagship orphanage. 

Reference: National Archives