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Monday, May 5, 2014

The USNW Acceptance Speech of Premier Akashi Seijuro

His Excellency Akashi Seijuro
Teiko Premier
For the Teiko People
The Acceptance of the Socialist Republic of Teiko as member of the USNW

[Joint Session Congress, Teiko National Council Hall, Tetsuya, May 7, 2014]

Sandaedeung Fukui Kensuke, Chief Justice Shinichi Kudo, Ministers of the Cabinet, Members of the Central-46, USNW Application Team, fellow government co-workers, honored guests and to my boss, the Teikonian people;

Good morning. 

It is my greatest honor to officially announce the acceptance of the Socialist Republic of Teiko as member of Untied Sovereign Nations (USNW). We have been through tough times during the application and I would like to acknowledge the man behind who made everything possible, Kiyoshi Teppei, head of the USNW Application Team. With his patience and perseverance, he had indeed made the impossible happen. Thank you.

Also, I would like to thank the Central-46 for passing the resolution giving our application a legal basis, without your support and commitment, we would have never reached this far.

It is hardly unthinkable that just two decades ago, Teiko was a struggling nation in the global arena. We could not even compete with our neighbors and we have always been neglected in surveys and standings. However, those items are now just products of the past. Today, we embark in a new journey, the journey where Teiko's state principles will be internationally recognized.

As the application is over, the quest for social identity have yet to began. As member of the USNW, I believe we have a societal niche to play and we are no longer barred in these four corners of this country. There is a much bigger world to unravel and a much bigger task to be done.

In lined with this, I am asking for your continuous support. The Ministry of Internal and External Communications (MICE) is not a one man organization and I salute our minister, Kise Ryouta for doing an exceptional job. MICE has always been doing an exceptional job and with this new task that they are given, I hereby appoint Kiyoshi Teppei as the official ambassador to the USNW. I know he will be able to do a very good job. 

In the end, the road that Teiko will be taking is long and how smooth it will be is not a guarantee but as one country, I have faith in my fellow co-workers and people. May this new era dawn greater achievements for the good of Teiko and the rest of the world. 

Thank you for your undying support and may the gods bless us all.


Central-46 Ratifies Teiko's USNW Membership

Tetsuya - The Central-46 had ratified the resolution which provides legal basis for Teiko's acceptance to the United Sovereign Nations (USNW) yesterday during joint congress session after the USNW Application Team, Kiyoshi Teppei had announced USNW's decision to accept Teiko as an official member. This comes after several support from private and public sectors to push through the application. 

Central-46 Joint Session Congress
With 389 yes to 60 against with 11 votes abstaining, the Central-46 have acknowledged the legitimacy of Teiko's participation to the USNW. In the meantime, Teiko Premier Akashi Seijuro will be arriving at the session hall to give his privilege speech, it also hinted that he will reveal the name of the ambassador during his speech.

Graphical representation of the Central-46 division of votes

Saturday, May 3, 2014

HECS to Enforce Censorship of Teenage Reading Materials

Rakuzan City, Makoto Prefecture - The Ministry of Health, Education, Culture and Sports will now filter all reading materials released in the market that is targeting audience from age 12-18 as part of its campaign to maintain integrity and dignity of the Teikonian youth.

"We are not kill joys, we simply want people to know that not all books available in the market is suitable for the teenagers." Riko Aida, HECS Minister announced at the press conference for the launching of the project today at the Rakuzan Bay Hotel. "Rest assured that we are not making the youth blind of reality, we will only filter books which we deemed to be very not appropriate for the youth." She assured the public.

Although as of the moment, there is no list revealed yet of the books that will be banned from the market, complains have already emerged around the country coming from publishing corporations and youth themselves who had labeled the program as a political propaganda. 

"I cannot accept this, they simply sugar-coating whatever they are planning by saying that they want to save integrity. They simply want to hide the truth." Takano Masamune , editor in chief of Marukawa Publishing Corporation, the largest privately owned publishing corporation in Teiko. 

However many prefectural representatives have stressed their support for the motion.

"This is a good project. I know not all will agree but personally I find this appropriate and legit." Yusuke Tanimura, Representative of Kyosen Prefecture stressed his support for the motion during the congressional session earlier today.

As of the moment, we are waiting for the list that HECS will provide for those books which will be banned. Below is an image of a book store in Teiko Metropolitan Area. 

Friday, May 2, 2014

Same-Sex Marriage Bill In Its Last Reading at Central-46

Kogomo North Prefecture - The controversial SSM Act or more popularly known as Same-Sex Marriage Act of 2013 is now in its final reading as the Central-46 have passed it for the second time with 382 to 69 with 9 abstain. The third and final reading is slated to be done in the second week of May.

"I am very proud of this and I am absolutely confident that it will pass." Tomoya Okazaki rejoiced, the main author of the SSM Act. "This will be a start of a new revolution in Teiko where everything is fair." Below is the image of Okazaki during the session. 

In the next session, the bill will need a 2/3 majority for it to pass but many are confident that they have more than enough. With the bill nearly becoming a law, will Teiko finally be able to show what gender equality is? Below the LGBT flag flies high and mighty outside the Teiko National Council Hall. 

Devon News Pre-Campaign Official Opinion Polling Results

Devon News Online Journal (DNOJ) have announced the results of the first official opinion polling for Senkyo 2014. Around 10,000,000 Teikonians have participated in the event as electronic ballots were sent from different regions of Teiko.
The results turnover was better than last year with 97%, this is perhaps due to the fact that the election for Teiko Premier is more controversial than the Senkyo 2009.

The image below shows the results of the Central-46 Survey.

The Teiko National Party still holds the most seats in the council while United Opposition continues to gain ground. The biggest gainer is the Democratic Party of Teiko led by the Teiko Premier candidate Yuu Yanase. Notable is also the increase of other parties and independent candidates.

For the Teiko Premier results, Lelouch vi Britannia of the United Socialist Party leads the poll with 51.6% of all the votes. Shun Izuki comes close with 32.8% followed by Tatsuya Himuro and Yuu Yanase with 10.9% and 4.7% respectively. 

Although not surprising, since most of the Teikonians have already bid their support for Lelouch to succeed Seijuro Akashi, the current result is only first of the series of opinion polling that will be done until November 2014.

Below is a prefectural overview of the results. It can be noted that candidates primarily won their hometown prefecture. 

The next poll result will be posted in June.