Saturday, December 13, 2014

Lights Shine Bright as Teiko Prepares for Golden Week 2014

KAIJO – Lights shine brightly along Shiniza Avenue, the famed 5th Avenue of Teiko. The same scene can also be observed at Central Park, Touya District, Shiratori and Kaijo Midtown. Furthermore it isn’t just in Kaijo; it is also the same for nearly all parts of Teiko. Different sectors of the country have finally switched on the lights in a simultaneous manner last night in preparation for the upcoming Golden Week 2014 on December 20 to 25. The December Golden Week is the second weeklong holiday in Teiko after its May 3-6 counterpart.

Christmas lights illuminates Shinza Avenue at night

The Golden Week which will include two national holidays and two special holidays is expected to bring in flocks of tourists from different parts of the world. The Department of Tourism (DoT) has earlier estimated that around 10.5 foreign million travelers will be visiting Teiko for the golden week alone. With this, preparations for the annual event have always been crucial.

"This is a great season to travel. Our analysis shows that there are more people making shorter trips this year, rather than long travels, because of the way holidays are aligned." A spokesperson from Teiko Travel Guide (TTG), the largest travel agency in the country said. 

Renzo Shima during the interview

“Indeed tourism has been one of the key movers of the country despite the waves of recession it is feeling from its neighbors. That is why we take preparations especially for this event seriously. In fact, we have started them even during the earlier parts of the year.” Renzo Shima, Deputy Department Head for the DoT mentioned in an interview after the customary light switch on event which is held exactly a week from the opening day of the Golden Week. “It is good to see that for this year, we have more partners from different firms and organizations. Indeed, a week from now will be a blatant display of how Teikonians celebrates.”

Among the preparations completed is the countdown timer placed along several key areas of the largest cities in the country for the opening ceremony. Otani Stadium in Shinzaka has also been undergoing final retouches for the opening night on December 20. Central Park which is one of the most highly visited spots during the jubilation has also been ready. Several key business areas and landmarks has also been tailored for the upcoming celebration. 

As the Golden Week approaches, safety information notices has been released earlier and rerouting of vehicular routes has also been conducted to appease the expected bumper-to-bumper traffic at major thoroughfares. Mass transit operations will also be extended as well. Security at all airports especially at the international gateway to the country, Shouzo Nijimura International Airport (SNIA) will remain tight prior and during the event.

Opening of golden week 2013 at Okamura Park

Traditionally, only the Teiko Independence Day (December 22) is celebrated during December as Christmas is not an official holiday in the country but since the premiership of Seijuro Akashi whose birthday lands on December 20 which is automatically celebrated as a national holiday, it was passed in a resolution to declare 25 and 23 as special holidays. The day between special or national holidays also becomes a holiday by law.

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