Friday, April 18, 2014

Edward Elric

Minister for Utilities 

Full name: Edward Elric
Age: 37
Residence: Canton Hills, Kamata North
Citizenship: Teikonian
Marital Status: Married, Kasumi Elric 
Children: 2 sons and 2 daughters 
Education: Electrical Engineering, University of Kaijo  

Short background:

Edward Elric is the shortest minister among others which is for him a sensitive matter. He is a former engineering department head at Industrial Illusion and was the chairman of solid and liquid wastes management office prior to being the minister of utilities in 2008. He also teaches as a part time lecturer at the University of Kaijo - College of Engineering. Currently, he lives with his wife Kasumi Elric and their four children in Canton Hills, a high end gated subdivision in Kamata North. 

Reference: National Archives