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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Onodera 400 Reveals Teiko's Richest People

The rich are getting richer. This year's list of Teiko's richest men and women have an accumulated wealth of $250 which is nearly half of the country's total GDP for 2014. Also, the list have featured 56 new faces including 12 women. In total there are 24 billionaires, up from last year's 20.

Kei Takeshima

Among the biggest changes is that Kei Takeshima is up from his position last year crowning him the riches Teikonian with an estimated net worth of $22.5, the self-made billionaire has reported an increase of $4.6 billion, the largest increase in fortune for one year in modern history. The increase is driven mostly from the rapidly increasing stock of Tekashima Holdings which reached an all time peak November of this year.

The second place is Masahiro Akashi whose net worth is pegged at $19.3 billion. A slight increase from $18.6 last year. The Rakuzan born billionaire has recently caused major issues with his planned acquisition of SoftBank Teiko and Mitsubishi Teiko Group. 

Usui Takumi who shed the biggest lost last year is back at the top 10 with $11.9 billion. The twins, Sasaki Shouta and Sasaki Souta remained in top 10 with online gaming magnate Kirigaya Kazuto, Tatsuya Himekawa, Jirokichi Suzaku, Inoue Baumeister and Seto Kaiba.

Below is the list of the top 10. 

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Lights Shine Bright as Teiko Prepares for Golden Week 2014

KAIJO – Lights shine brightly along Shiniza Avenue, the famed 5th Avenue of Teiko. The same scene can also be observed at Central Park, Touya District, Shiratori and Kaijo Midtown. Furthermore it isn’t just in Kaijo; it is also the same for nearly all parts of Teiko. Different sectors of the country have finally switched on the lights in a simultaneous manner last night in preparation for the upcoming Golden Week 2014 on December 20 to 25. The December Golden Week is the second weeklong holiday in Teiko after its May 3-6 counterpart.

Christmas lights illuminates Shinza Avenue at night

The Golden Week which will include two national holidays and two special holidays is expected to bring in flocks of tourists from different parts of the world. The Department of Tourism (DoT) has earlier estimated that around 10.5 foreign million travelers will be visiting Teiko for the golden week alone. With this, preparations for the annual event have always been crucial.

"This is a great season to travel. Our analysis shows that there are more people making shorter trips this year, rather than long travels, because of the way holidays are aligned." A spokesperson from Teiko Travel Guide (TTG), the largest travel agency in the country said. 

Renzo Shima during the interview

“Indeed tourism has been one of the key movers of the country despite the waves of recession it is feeling from its neighbors. That is why we take preparations especially for this event seriously. In fact, we have started them even during the earlier parts of the year.” Renzo Shima, Deputy Department Head for the DoT mentioned in an interview after the customary light switch on event which is held exactly a week from the opening day of the Golden Week. “It is good to see that for this year, we have more partners from different firms and organizations. Indeed, a week from now will be a blatant display of how Teikonians celebrates.”

Among the preparations completed is the countdown timer placed along several key areas of the largest cities in the country for the opening ceremony. Otani Stadium in Shinzaka has also been undergoing final retouches for the opening night on December 20. Central Park which is one of the most highly visited spots during the jubilation has also been ready. Several key business areas and landmarks has also been tailored for the upcoming celebration. 

As the Golden Week approaches, safety information notices has been released earlier and rerouting of vehicular routes has also been conducted to appease the expected bumper-to-bumper traffic at major thoroughfares. Mass transit operations will also be extended as well. Security at all airports especially at the international gateway to the country, Shouzo Nijimura International Airport (SNIA) will remain tight prior and during the event.

Opening of golden week 2013 at Okamura Park

Traditionally, only the Teiko Independence Day (December 22) is celebrated during December as Christmas is not an official holiday in the country but since the premiership of Seijuro Akashi whose birthday lands on December 20 which is automatically celebrated as a national holiday, it was passed in a resolution to declare 25 and 23 as special holidays. The day between special or national holidays also becomes a holiday by law.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Teiko National Framework Agreement Passes Central-46 for the First Time

Tetsuya Special Administrative District – Lawmakers finally passed the controversial Teiko National Framework Agreement also known as TNFA or C.B. 8401 after nearly half a decade of debate with 102 Yes against 48 No with 0 representatives abstaining. In the strictest sense, C.B. 8401 which was written by then Rakuzan Representative and now Premier Akashi Seijuro in late 2009 has been submitted to the congress twice and has also failed on all instances. 

Teiko Government Building in Johto
Teiko National Framework Agreement which is currently the longest running bill in the Central-46 has three major constitutional amendments: the creation of legislative and executive administrative functions of Teiko’s six regions namely Kamizaki, Takezaki, Hanji, Fukuyama, Seirin and Johto, the creation of judicial powers for the six aforementioned regions and the creation of a bicameral congress with the two chambers named as Central-46 (Lower House) and Hwabaek (High Council of Teiko). The bill also encompass the dissolution of the current of the Ministry of Health, Education, Culture and Sports which will be replaced by the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and Sports and Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Beika Prefecture Representative and Central-46 Minority Leader Tatsuya Himura who has been skeptic on the bill since its first reading last February 2010 expressed his dismay to the passage of the bill. Although there have been a lot of changes to the original bill, Tatsuya still feels that allowing the bill to pass is like pressing a self-destruct button for the current Central-46. “The provision for the bicameral congress is not needed, there are several duties and responsibilities that will be transferred to this so called ‘High Council’ and I find this move rather disturbing. The current congress has been for years and so far, Central-46 in its current state has proved to be effective.” He mentioned during the session on why he voted NO to pass the bill. 

Tatsuya Himuro, Leader of the Opposition and Central-46 Minority Leader
On the other hand, several members of the Teiko National Party including Sandaedeung Fukui Kensuke and the President Pro Tempore of the Central-46 Kojiro Furihashi hailed the passage of the bill on its first reading and insisted that the bill is needed to distribute powers of the congress equally. Kojiro further mentioned that the Central-46 needs pruning as to its practices. “There is no equal representation in the current congress but with the new Hwabaek, every region is represented equally despite the differences in population and wealth. This has been for the longest time what Teiko desires, to be able to equally give people chances."

Kojiro Furuhashi, President Pro Tempore of Central-46
Premier Akashi who written the original bill has also expressed its support for the passage of the bill although he is quite adamant to some changes made to the original provisions especially to the autonomic powers of the regions. “However, we cannot expect changes to be abrupt; change needs to be gradual and effective to the same time. I am happy that this bill has passed.”

Last month, a referendum was conducted by the Teiko Regional Statistics Office regarding the contents of the bill. In the most unprecedented results, an overwhelmingly 81% of Teikonians approves the provisions of the bills with provisions of the bicameral congress being approved at most with 92% positivity. 

With the Central-46 passing the bill on its first reading and the rather huge support of the Teikonians to ratify the bill, it might not be long enough for this nearly five year bill to come into effect. 

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Teiko Receives Credit Rating Upgrade from Adex Credit Rating Agency

Teiko City, Teiko Prefecture - Boosted by international trade and boom in real estate, Teiko received another credit rating upgrade from Adex Credit Rating Agency, one of the largest and most trusted financial institution in Adonia. Adex raised Teiko's credit rating from BBB to A earlier this month with an economic outlook of stable.

The increase in credit rating was met with praise from both private and public sectors. The Teiko National Stock Index (TENSI) logged another new record for the 6th time this month while the Teikonian Zen rose .472 to Shayden Sent, also it's highest in ten years. 

"This is good, it only implies that we are geered toward our goal of being an economic center in Adonia. Higher credit rating implies that we are now an investment hotspot and we are encouraging more investors to come here." Reiji Namikawa announced in an interview with Devon News in correlation with the sudden tiger growth of Teiko's economy. "With this, we might be able to achieve our millennium plans earlier than expected." He added.

One of the biggest factors that have contributed to Teiko's robust growth as analyzed by Arashi and Kanjani, the most prominent financial service provider int he country, is the increase of land value due to property developments around the country. "With a lot of buzz going around the country, we are slowly adding more jobs which in return provides better salary of people thus improving the country's quality of life. Of course, added also with the strict education, health and social security policies of the government." Kojiro Arashi, one of the best financial analysts in the country explained via an interview. 

With continuous flow of investments both national and international, Teiko might definitely be one of the largest top 5 economies by 2025. 

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MoD Strengthens Conscription in Teiko

Tetsuya Special Administrative District - After the passage of the CB #2013-415-512 which is also known as the "An Act to Amend the Current Teiko Conscription Policies" two weeks ago, the Ministry of Defense (MoD) announced earlier today that they will now implement the new policies regarding the stricter conscription for male Teikonians. 

Among the new policies includes the change from conscription age bracket from all male Teikonians from 18-45 to 21-40 which will be effective immediately. This new change will give time to those aging men to avoid the heavy tasks during the military training as well as provide a short period of adjustment for those newly graduated students. 

Another addendum to the present system is the increase of the timespan of military training from 1 and half years to 2 years. However, trainees will still be receiving the same amount of salary which is half of the minimum wage. The addition of another six months will induce trainings regarding use of the newest technological weapons such as combat bots, drones and etc.

Lastly, another major change is the force conscription of neutralized Teikonians. This means that all men wanting to live in Teiko and get an Honorary Teikonian Citizen status must be willing to submit themselves to the military training. They will also undergo the same training with the other Teikonians. However, neutralized citizens currently living in the country are no longer required to do such and the policy is only applicable to those who are still applying and those who have applied but has not been approved as of today. 

With this new policies, the MoD expects to triple or quadruple the number of reserved troops in the next five to ten years. Brought about by continuous chaos both in the international and national arena, MoD plans to upgrade the country's military services better. "It is better to be safe and endure the sacrifices than to be sorry for doing nothing." Kwell Soresi, Commanding General of the Teiko National Army, the branch of the Armed Forces of Teiko which facilitates one of the programs of the conscription. The program is also handled by the other branches which are Teiko National Air Force, Teiko National Navy and Teiko National Marine Corps. 

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Monday, July 7, 2014

Teiko Economic Forum Held at Beika City

The Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Trade in Industry in consortium with the Adonia Economic Forum held the first Teiko Economic Forum at Hanjin Hotel, Beika City last May 2014. All together, there was an expected number of 1,500 particiapants coming from all over Eastern Althena and Adonia. Among the Teiko personalities who attended are MoF Minister Shouchi Imayoshi, MTI Minister Reiji Namikawa, Department of Economic Planning Yuu Yanase and Teiko National Commission Kisa Shouta. The forum aimed to help promote Teiko as an international gateway for trade and a core for technology and manufacturing industry.

"With all the presumptions and prejudices against conduct of business in Teiko, this was a great opportunity to showcase how much of a business friendly country we are." Shouchi Imayoshi mentioned in an interview after day one of the Teiko Economic Forum. "This shall be a standard where we show the world we are serious with becoming a more free-market economy but of course, not too much." He added smiling. 

Among all the other discussions regarding fiscal policy, trading issues and economic planning held during the four day period of the Teiko Economic Forum, the colloquium also included a one-day visit to some popular tourist spots in the country including Hayama Island and Jinju Beach. The government wishes to conduct such forum annually to attract more investors.

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Monday, May 5, 2014

The USNW Acceptance Speech of Premier Akashi Seijuro

His Excellency Akashi Seijuro
Teiko Premier
For the Teiko People
The Acceptance of the Socialist Republic of Teiko as member of the USNW

[Joint Session Congress, Teiko National Council Hall, Tetsuya, May 7, 2014]

Sandaedeung Fukui Kensuke, Chief Justice Shinichi Kudo, Ministers of the Cabinet, Members of the Central-46, USNW Application Team, fellow government co-workers, honored guests and to my boss, the Teikonian people;

Good morning. 

It is my greatest honor to officially announce the acceptance of the Socialist Republic of Teiko as member of Untied Sovereign Nations (USNW). We have been through tough times during the application and I would like to acknowledge the man behind who made everything possible, Kiyoshi Teppei, head of the USNW Application Team. With his patience and perseverance, he had indeed made the impossible happen. Thank you.

Also, I would like to thank the Central-46 for passing the resolution giving our application a legal basis, without your support and commitment, we would have never reached this far.

It is hardly unthinkable that just two decades ago, Teiko was a struggling nation in the global arena. We could not even compete with our neighbors and we have always been neglected in surveys and standings. However, those items are now just products of the past. Today, we embark in a new journey, the journey where Teiko's state principles will be internationally recognized.

As the application is over, the quest for social identity have yet to began. As member of the USNW, I believe we have a societal niche to play and we are no longer barred in these four corners of this country. There is a much bigger world to unravel and a much bigger task to be done.

In lined with this, I am asking for your continuous support. The Ministry of Internal and External Communications (MICE) is not a one man organization and I salute our minister, Kise Ryouta for doing an exceptional job. MICE has always been doing an exceptional job and with this new task that they are given, I hereby appoint Kiyoshi Teppei as the official ambassador to the USNW. I know he will be able to do a very good job. 

In the end, the road that Teiko will be taking is long and how smooth it will be is not a guarantee but as one country, I have faith in my fellow co-workers and people. May this new era dawn greater achievements for the good of Teiko and the rest of the world. 

Thank you for your undying support and may the gods bless us all.