Administrative Divisions

Teiko is mainly divided into 10 regions which are classified into three categories: component regions, autonomous states and self-governing bodies. Each region has an elected governor which is tasked to carry out the executive duties. Regional governors are not part of the Central-46. These regions are then divided into individual prefectures. Each prefecture has a representative which varies depending on the population of the prefecture. There is currently 23 prefectures in Teiko. All prefecture representatives are member of the Central-46.

The current 10 regions of Teiko


Prefectures of Beika

The current 6 prefectures of Beika.

Prefectures of Rakuzan

The current 6 prefectures of Rakuzan.

Prefectures of Seirin

The current 4 prefectures of Seirin.

Prefectures of Teiko

The current 7 prefectures of Teiko.




Source: All maps are taken from the Ministry of Science and Technology