Monday, July 7, 2014

Teiko Economic Forum Held at Beika City

The Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Trade in Industry in consortium with the Adonia Economic Forum held the first Teiko Economic Forum at Hanjin Hotel, Beika City last May 2014. All together, there was an expected number of 1,500 particiapants coming from all over Eastern Althena and Adonia. Among the Teiko personalities who attended are MoF Minister Shouchi Imayoshi, MTI Minister Reiji Namikawa, Department of Economic Planning Yuu Yanase and Teiko National Commission Kisa Shouta. The forum aimed to help promote Teiko as an international gateway for trade and a core for technology and manufacturing industry.

"With all the presumptions and prejudices against conduct of business in Teiko, this was a great opportunity to showcase how much of a business friendly country we are." Shouchi Imayoshi mentioned in an interview after day one of the Teiko Economic Forum. "This shall be a standard where we show the world we are serious with becoming a more free-market economy but of course, not too much." He added smiling. 

Among all the other discussions regarding fiscal policy, trading issues and economic planning held during the four day period of the Teiko Economic Forum, the colloquium also included a one-day visit to some popular tourist spots in the country including Hayama Island and Jinju Beach. The government wishes to conduct such forum annually to attract more investors.

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