Friday, April 18, 2014

Ministry of Internal and External Communications

Ministry of Internal and External Communications otherwise known as MICE is a cabinet level government of the Independent Principality of the Commonwealth of Teiko. The MICE manages all outgoing and incoming communications related to the government which are but not limited to foreign affairs, inter-district, inter-region, inter-prefecture and inter-government office relationships, management of media and other diplomatic actions related to such.


The Ministry of Internal and External Communications was created by the virtue of the recent Teiko Constitution to provide the lacking link in foreign and internal affairs. The office is also the product of the merging of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Communications. 

Department of Foreign Affairs
Department of Consular Affairs
Department of Protocol
Department of Information
Department of Media Management 


10.32 Billion Zen ($1.23 Billion)


MICE Building, 1169 AG Parkway, Akashi Global City,
 Teiko Metropolitan Area, Teiko Region, Teiko

Kise Ryouta