Friday, May 2, 2014

Devon News Pre-Campaign Official Opinion Polling Results

Devon News Online Journal (DNOJ) have announced the results of the first official opinion polling for Senkyo 2014. Around 10,000,000 Teikonians have participated in the event as electronic ballots were sent from different regions of Teiko.
The results turnover was better than last year with 97%, this is perhaps due to the fact that the election for Teiko Premier is more controversial than the Senkyo 2009.

The image below shows the results of the Central-46 Survey.

The Teiko National Party still holds the most seats in the council while United Opposition continues to gain ground. The biggest gainer is the Democratic Party of Teiko led by the Teiko Premier candidate Yuu Yanase. Notable is also the increase of other parties and independent candidates.

For the Teiko Premier results, Lelouch vi Britannia of the United Socialist Party leads the poll with 51.6% of all the votes. Shun Izuki comes close with 32.8% followed by Tatsuya Himuro and Yuu Yanase with 10.9% and 4.7% respectively. 

Although not surprising, since most of the Teikonians have already bid their support for Lelouch to succeed Seijuro Akashi, the current result is only first of the series of opinion polling that will be done until November 2014.

Below is a prefectural overview of the results. It can be noted that candidates primarily won their hometown prefecture. 

The next poll result will be posted in June. 


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