Friday, April 18, 2014


Imperial Palace, the official residence of the Teiko premier


The highest official in the land. He is considered both as the head of the government and state. He is elected by popular votes and must enjoy the confidence of the Central-46 to stay in power. He is the head of the cabinet and appoints or dismisses ministers and supreme court justices as per confirmed by the Central-46. He is also the commander in chief of the Teiko Military. All passing bills must be signed by the premier to become a law unless. Bills that are not signed within three days deliberately or not will be considered veto. The Central-46 however can override any veto of the premier by passes the motion again in a 3/4 majority.

According to the 2013 Teiko constitution, a premier can be elected to a maximum of 2 terms with 5 years in each term. The premier will also be the defacto commander in chief of the the Teiko Army and has the authority to wage war and make international treaties as approved by a 1/2 majority of the Central-46. 

Akashi Seijuro, 2012 United SimNations Summit 

The current premier is Akashi Seijuro. He has been in power for the past 9 years and he is expected to vacate the office in January 2014. 


The cabinet 
is an autonomous executive-legislative body that serves as administrators of the different government ministries as well as advisers to the Central-46. Members of the cabinet cannot participate in any law making processes but however can be called into any session as required by the Central-46.

The cabinet is headed by the Teiko Premier. 

As of 2014, there are 14 ministries that compose the cabinet. 

Ministry of Internal and External Communications - Kise Ryouta

Ministry of Transportation - Furihata Kouki
Ministry of Defense - Commander Clovis la Britannia 
Ministry of Trade and Industry - Namikawa Reiji
Ministry of Budget and Finance - Imayoshi Shouchi 
Ministry of Commerce - Sebastian Michaelis  
Ministry of Social Welfare and Development - Quillsh Wammy 
Ministry of Regional Economic Planning and Development - Midorima Shintaro
Ministry of Agriculture and Environment - C.C.  
Ministry of Utilities - Edward Elric 
Ministry of Interior and District Government - Lelouch Lamperouge
Ministry of Justice - Light Yagami
Ministry of Science and Technology - Hiroshi Agasa 
Ministry of Health, Education, Sports and Culture - Riko Aida 


Commissions are separate autonomous government agencies that reports directly to the Teiko Premier. Task of the commission vary per identity. There are currently four commissions in the current administration.

Teiko Regional Statistics Office - Momoi Satsuki
Teiko Special Advisory Board - L 
Commission on Elections - Ace
Teiko National Commission - Kisa Shouta