Office of the Teiko Premier

Seijuro Akashi (Japanese: 赤司 征十郎 Surname: Akashi born December 20, 1981) is the 26th and current Premier of the Socialist Republic of Teiko. He is also the youngest to date to hold the office and first openly homosexual head of state and government in the modern times. Born in Rakuzan City, Makoto Prefecture, Akashi is a graduate of University of Kaijou and Touou Law School, where he earned his doctorate of law, becoming one of the first five Teikonians to be able to do so. During the 2001 Law Bar Exam, Akashi garnered a raw score of 99.82%, the highest rating ever achieved in such exam.

Akashi first entered politics as one of the Makoto Prefecture representatives at 22. At the Central-46, he served as Blue Ribbon Committee chairperson for his last three years and have presided over the impeachment case of former Minister of Transportation Sado Yasutora. He also co-written the original Teiko National Framework Agreement which garnered several critics in its implementation and rationale due to its fascistic nature. He was then appointed Minister of Interior and District Government (MIDG) in 2007, completing the last 3 years of Toriyama Yoshifuda who resigned over allegations with his liquidation reports over the mulled overpriced tanks brought from Germany.

In 2008, Akashi received national attention during his campaign to represent Teiko National Party in the upcoming 2009 Teiko National Elections. Despite criticisms raised against Akashi regarding his experience and lack of thereof, the Teiko National Party decided to nominate Seijuro Akashi for the Office of the Teiko Premier. The 2009 premier campaign was one of the most heated and expensive in Teiko's history. The original nominee of the Democratic Party of Teiko, Yuu Yanase withdrawn from the race in the last minute. Amidst the issues, he then defeated incumbent Beika Prefecture Representative Tatsuya Himuro with a landslide victory in popular votes as of the widest margins in any national elections in Teiko. Akashi was inaugurated as premier on January 30, 2010.

During his first two years in office, Akashi implemented strict fiscal policies and rules. Majority of the problems he earned from the past administration arise in the Ministry of Interior and District Government and Ministry of Budget and Finance. Akashi signed into law a few notable economic stimulus legislation in response to foster a better Teiko economy. Among these includes, the Teiko Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2011 and the Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012. Akashi also signed the controversial SSM Act of 2014 which legalizes same-sex marriage in Teiko in March 2014 as well as the Foreign Policy Conscription Act in August 2014 that will require foreign born neutralized Teiko citizens to serve in the military for at least one year.

Akashi announced that he is not sure whether he will be seeking for any reelection but mentioned that living somewhere far from politics is one his lifetime goals during the 2014 Correspondence Night. Akashi promised to fulfill the last remaining agenda in his last year in office and he will not place any unfinished task that will burden the incoming administration. Outside of politics, Akashi has given away several amount for charities and he has announced his plans to marry his current fiancé, Furihata Kouki before his term ends on January 2016.
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Source: National Archives