Friday, May 2, 2014

Same-Sex Marriage Bill In Its Last Reading at Central-46

Kogomo North Prefecture - The controversial SSM Act or more popularly known as Same-Sex Marriage Act of 2013 is now in its final reading as the Central-46 have passed it for the second time with 382 to 69 with 9 abstain. The third and final reading is slated to be done in the second week of May.

"I am very proud of this and I am absolutely confident that it will pass." Tomoya Okazaki rejoiced, the main author of the SSM Act. "This will be a start of a new revolution in Teiko where everything is fair." Below is the image of Okazaki during the session. 

In the next session, the bill will need a 2/3 majority for it to pass but many are confident that they have more than enough. With the bill nearly becoming a law, will Teiko finally be able to show what gender equality is? Below the LGBT flag flies high and mighty outside the Teiko National Council Hall. 


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