Monday, May 5, 2014

Central-46 Ratifies Teiko's USNW Membership

Tetsuya - The Central-46 had ratified the resolution which provides legal basis for Teiko's acceptance to the United Sovereign Nations (USNW) yesterday during joint congress session after the USNW Application Team, Kiyoshi Teppei had announced USNW's decision to accept Teiko as an official member. This comes after several support from private and public sectors to push through the application. 

Central-46 Joint Session Congress
With 389 yes to 60 against with 11 votes abstaining, the Central-46 have acknowledged the legitimacy of Teiko's participation to the USNW. In the meantime, Teiko Premier Akashi Seijuro will be arriving at the session hall to give his privilege speech, it also hinted that he will reveal the name of the ambassador during his speech.

Graphical representation of the Central-46 division of votes


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