Saturday, May 3, 2014

HECS to Enforce Censorship of Teenage Reading Materials

Rakuzan City, Makoto Prefecture - The Ministry of Health, Education, Culture and Sports will now filter all reading materials released in the market that is targeting audience from age 12-18 as part of its campaign to maintain integrity and dignity of the Teikonian youth.

"We are not kill joys, we simply want people to know that not all books available in the market is suitable for the teenagers." Riko Aida, HECS Minister announced at the press conference for the launching of the project today at the Rakuzan Bay Hotel. "Rest assured that we are not making the youth blind of reality, we will only filter books which we deemed to be very not appropriate for the youth." She assured the public.

Although as of the moment, there is no list revealed yet of the books that will be banned from the market, complains have already emerged around the country coming from publishing corporations and youth themselves who had labeled the program as a political propaganda. 

"I cannot accept this, they simply sugar-coating whatever they are planning by saying that they want to save integrity. They simply want to hide the truth." Takano Masamune , editor in chief of Marukawa Publishing Corporation, the largest privately owned publishing corporation in Teiko. 

However many prefectural representatives have stressed their support for the motion.

"This is a good project. I know not all will agree but personally I find this appropriate and legit." Yusuke Tanimura, Representative of Kyosen Prefecture stressed his support for the motion during the congressional session earlier today.

As of the moment, we are waiting for the list that HECS will provide for those books which will be banned. Below is an image of a book store in Teiko Metropolitan Area. 


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